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For the many Tweefontein parents who travel immense distances for employment every day, Zolani Home Educare is a saving grace. Founder and principal, Khelinah Mnune, built the centre in February 2017 because hordes of Tweefontein mothers were leaving their children alone or in inadequate care to travel to the big cities for low-paying jobs like domestic work.

Khelinah’s passion for children drove her to build the centre completely out of her own pocket, and it’s doing her community an immense amount of good. The children are being prepared for school and nurtured, and their parents are able to provide for their families without feeling guilty that it’s hindering their children’s development.

Khelinah, along with her staff of three and one volunteer, are in the business of taking not only good care of their students, but of their entire community.

A regular day at the centre begins at 3:30 in the morning, as this is when many parents begin their long daily commute. By 7 am, when all the students have arrived, there is breakfast. The rest of the morning is chock full of learning – from vowels to music, from rhyming to free play.

At 4 pm, after lunch and a nap, most of the daycare students go home, some of them transported to their doorstep in a pram by Khelinah.

4 pm is also when the centre’s after care students arrive. These students are supervised and assisted while they finish their homework for the day. Later they are free to play before dinner, which is prepared by Zolani’s cook. At 8 pm, the centre closes for the night and the team gets some much-needed rest before doing it all again the next day.

Though parents pay the centre a monthly fee per child, all of them can’t always afford to, and Khelinah often supplements the deficit out of her own earnings, which aren’t much to begin with. She would like to be able to feed the children healthy food without having to scrimp and save, and would love to be able to extend the premises and add a Grade R class. The centre could also use another teacher, for which there are absolutely no funds at the moment.


Photographer: Lucky Chigo from Marble Creations & Media | Voice Artist: Esona Mangcaka | Writer: Ané Breytenbach

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Children and Youth, Development, ECD, Education


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