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Some people work hard because they want the pay-off. They want bank accounts full of proof that they have sweated and shed tears. Jesmina Stemmet and her husband Roberto have been doing the hard work for years, but not for a fat bank account. They do it for Hanover Park and every young resident that needs to be shown the way back on track.

Jesmina grew up in Hanover Park. She took her first steps here, she went to school here. She lost her brother to gang violence here.

Her brother wasn’t the exception – his experience was a common one for the troubled Cape Town suburb. Jesmina and Roberto moved away from it years ago, but they continue to love it and have hope for it. That love and hope is what Youth Impact and Sustainable Solutions (YISS) was born from.

Hanover Park’s youth are struggling because gangsterism is such a slippery slope. However, the duo is trying to make sure that the youth that has “slipped up” in some way don’t continue a downward spiral into tragedy, but are lifted up before it comes to that.

This upliftment is offered through mainly the 35-day skills programmes that YISS offers to at-risk Hanover Park youngsters. There are two programs: one with a beauty and cosmetics focus, and the other with a hospitality focus. By attending these intensive programs, youngsters are given the tools to change the course of their lives.
After they leave the programs and find jobs, the youngsters are expected to give 200 hours back into their communities. Through the Stemmets and their team, in a structure in a local schoolyard, gangsterism is being eradicated through a better, kinder cycle being set in motion.

Change doesn’t come cheap, and the duo has been ploughing thousands of their own income into YISS since its conception. The Department of Education helps by paying a portion of the structure’s rent, and Social Development pays for 10 at-risk youths to attend the program every intake; the rest of YISS’s expenses come from the Stemmet’s own pockets.


Photographer: Donovan Hanslo from Hanslo Photography | Voice Artist: Thulisa Mayalo | Writer: Ané Breytenbach

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Children and Youth, Community, Counselling, Development, Skills Development


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