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Goal: R5,000.00 | Still Needed: R2,500.00 | Total Supporters So Far: 1 | Amount of People in Need: 15

Sonja du Toit has had a handicap since she was a young child. That was the card she was dealt. This isn’t even nearly the most interesting thing about her, but it has given her an interesting pair of glasses with which to view the world.

Women who have been hurt, in any one of the millions of ways women are hurt in South Africa and the world, have been dealt a similar card. A handicap of sorts, Sonja would say.

Worcester House of Hope was birthed in June 2003 out of Sonja’s deep conviction that those who have been dealt unbearable cards don’t need to be carried, but taught how to walk again. This she knows from experience.

In a large Worcester house, Sonja and her team of 11 provide shelter to women and children in crisis for up to three months. During these three months, the women are helped to process traumatic experiences and enabled to function successfully in society once they re-enter it. During this part off the rehabilitation process, the team focuses on restoring a sense of self-respect and worthiness in women and children who have undergone unspeakable violence.

When their months of shelter are over, Worcester House of Hope provides the women with continued emotional and sometimes financial support.

Because the victims that arrive on their doorstep (by way of a referral from the local hospitals and police station) have very often escaped harrowing and criminal situations, it is Sonja’s absolute dream to create a ‘second phase’ home, where victims can go to once they have finished their initial rehabilitation.

With a monthly shortage of about R25 000, that dream is far from being realized, and the team hopes for an increase in continued financial support from donors so that it might.


Photographer: Eugene du Plessis from Take My Hand | Voice Artist: Esona Mangcaka | Writer: Ané Breytenbach

Type of Cause:
Abuse Victims, Counselling, Housing, Vulnerable Children, Welfare