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Goal: R5,000.00 | Still Needed: R5,000.00 | Total Supporters So Far: 0 | Amount of People in Need: 232

Ask Adele Campbell – one of the founders of the Wicht Court Association – what gets her up in the morning at the crack of dawn to feed more than 200 of Lavender Hill’s vulnerable school children, and she’ll tell you a story about her mother.

The family struggled, but her mother – a single parent working a full-time job – was never not feeding other people’s hungry children. As a child, this baffled her, but nowadays she understands completely.

Just as much as your own hungry child feels like your responsibility, so do other people’s hungry children.

Adele and a group of 9 other women came together in 2014 and decided that they weren’t sitting idly by any longer while promising young children were being killed or lured in by the gangsters who rule this section of the Cape Flats.

It was a slow start, and for a few years the team worked on cordoning off their block of flats – named Wicht Court, from which the association takes its name – and launching a few support programs for the children in the area. It wasn’t until the beginning of 2018, however, that they began the breakfast club for which they have become widely known.

Every morning, Adele and a few of the other women of Wicht Court wake up early to prepare breakfast for the swarms of Lavender Hill students who wade through dangerous waters just to get to school. With parents leaving for work in the early morning hours, swaths of young gangsters populate the streets, and the Wicht Court team provide a sort of halfway house in-between home and school.

Here, 221 students of all ages arrive every morning and leave, at the very least, with full bellies, and at the best, with nourished hearts. Here, Adele and her team listen to everything from sad stories of tragic homes lives to homework problems. Here, children are kept safe from stray bullets.

The association receives no regular funding and relies on donations to be able to feed Lavender Hill’s students. These donations are sporadic, and the team dreams of having a regular income to work with, and with which they might be able to secure a building entirely dedicated to feeding and assisting their beneficiaries.


Photographer: Eugene du Plessis from Take My Hand | Voice Artist: Mawande Ndywamb | Writer: Anè Breytenbach

Type of Cause:
Children and Youth, Community, Hunger Relief, Welfare