Ubumbano Dropping Centre


Minimum Donation of R50

Please note: This is a financial contribution to assist in their monthly ongoing needs, if you would like to help them in any other way please contact them directly via the Details tab below.



Goal: R5,000.00 | Still Needed: R5,000.00 | Total Supporters So Far: 0 | Amount of People in Need: 28

Ubumbano Dropping Centre is an after-school sanctuary for vulnerable children aged 7 to 18 years old in the growing settlement of Allemansdrift, Mpumalanga.  With a population of over 11 000, the village is booming with children in desperate need of support and guidance.  Unfortunately, due to rampant poverty, unemployment and pervasive substance abuse, the young ones of Allemansdrift are in danger of falling behind at school or even dropping out entirely.

Founder of Ubumbano Dropping Centre and longtime resident of Allemansdrift, Caroline Lekala, noticed increasing numbers of children in her community being forced to go to school hungry and without shoes.  She couldn’t bear to watch another generation be sabotaged by their circumstances despite all their potential. Caroline decided that something had to be done to give them a better chance at getting a full education and enjoying their childhood despite the worst of circumstances.

Children are taken care of like family at Ubumbano, getting them off the streets and into an environment of learning, friendship and fun.  They are fed healthy, nutritious meals and get help with their homework, all while crammed into a small shack.  Kids play soccer outside, form lasting bonds with their peers and begin to have hope for their future through encouragement and positive reinforcement from staff. Sadly, without financial aid, Ubumbano is still very limited in the services they can offer the children.

The Centre currently accommodates 28 children, but the need is far greater than that.  Only with proper funding and more resources to care for the children can Caroline and her team of unpaid volunteers achieve their dream of expanding.  They currently have no water at the Centre, which is an enormous hindrance to preparing food and keeping the children healthy. For Ubumbano to carry on, they need to be able to afford better shelter for the children.  The shack itself is structurally unsound and often leaks during the rainy season.


Photographer: Siphiwe Mahamba from Walkers Multimedia Production | Voice Artist: Thulisa Mayalo | Writer: Chelsea de Beer

Type of Cause:
Children and Youth, Community, Development, Education, Hunger Relief