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Tshiphuseni Day Care Centre takes its name from the village in which it is located. Tshiphuseni is a tiny Limpopo village just outside Vuwani town, and until 1998, it had no crèche or daycare centre to speak of.

Mothers back then were often torn between taking care of their babies and working to feed those babies. The situation wasn’t ideal. In addition to having no safe place during the day, the village’s children also had no stimulating environment in which to develop and be prepared for school.

So, Rita Masia had an idea.

She started the daycare centre in 1998 in the community hall. Her aim? To prepare Tshiphuseni’s little ones for school and life. To play a part in moulding, as it were, responsible citizens.

Today, Rita is part of a team of three taking care of nearly 50 of the village’s children under five. They have ‘graduated’ from the community hall and into premises of their very own, built with Rita’s own money. At the centre, the kids learn to read, write and draw. They also get copious amounts of supervised play in a large play area.

Rita and her team receive no funding from the government, due to certain infrastructural constraints from the Department of Social Development. R250 per child in school fees helps with expenses, but doesn’t cover all of it, and very often it is the staff’s salaries that are sacrificed so that the children can eat.


Photographer: Steven Maluks from Go Cloud Way Photography | Voice Artist: Thulisa Mayalo | Writer: Ané Breytenbach

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