Tshatile Akho Kubuyamva

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If there’s anything that Nokhanyiso Zwakala knows from personal experience, it’s that personal tragedies aren’t spontaneous. They are bad thing upon bad thing; an avalanche of unspoken feelings that roll toward disaster.

This is especially true for the slow erosion of a marriage. For most of her adult life, Nokhanyiso has watched couples thoughtlessly get married, and even more thoughtlessly, get divorced. A quick look around her community showed her that these broken marriages weren’t only affecting the couples involved, but their children, too.

Hordes of children walking the streets of East London told her the same thing: their homes had become loveless, and they had become hardened.

In 2012, after having successfully made it through her own marital crisis, Nokhanyiso started a Facebook page. Tshatile Akho Kubuyamva – a blessing uttered by those who are about to get married. I marry you without imagining an end, it roughly translates to.

The Facebook page was an invitation to married women across the country to start a conversation about womanhood and marriage, and has since grown to have nearly 5,000 members. Here, women from Capetonian penthouses to East London shacks could offer guidance and advice to one another.

A sisterhood was formed.

The page has grown into an organization with 12 branches and about 500 active members across the country. The teams reach out to different people and places in need – from entire orphanages to families whose houses have burned down – all rooted in their belief that true power begins in a happy home.

The group receives no regular funding, and every initiative is funded by small contributions from all of the members. Financial assistance would put them in a position to provide extensive aid to South Africans in need.


Photographer: Shannon Bright from Shanbright Photography | Voice Artist: Mawande Ndywamba | Writer: Anè Breytenbach

Type of Cause:
Abuse Victims, Community, Counselling, Development, Welfare