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Goal: R5,000.00 | Still Needed: R5,000.00 | Total Supporters So Far: 0 | Amount of People in Need: 23

If you know anything about how things work on Earth, you’ll know that for something good to grow, a seed needs to be planted. After that seed has been planted, it then needs nourishment in order to grow to its full potential.

That is the role that Mavis Maneba and her team play in their community. Their reach extends to two Limpopo villages: Milaboni and Mudunungu, and what they do is manifold. Distributing food parcels and other necessities to those whose lives have been made tragic by the scourge of HIV / AIDS and other diseases are their main objective, but they also work to foster an awareness of these diseases amongst all community members.

In short, they work to remind the most vulnerable members of these communities that they are worthy of care, all the while trying to prevent further tragedy.

The team of five have a rented office in Milaboni Village, where they have been based since the organization’s conception in 2006.

The National Lottery provides Seed of Hope with a yearly contribution, which is rationed into a quarterly amount by Mavis and her team. They are currently only able to help 23 children and young adults, but with additional financial aid, the team could help many more.

Additionally, there is an increasingly pressing need to build and run some sort of shelter for the vulnerable children and seniors of both villages, an issue to which Seed of Hope would dedicate themselves if they had sufficient funding.


Photographer: Anza Negota from Topnotch Events Pictures | Voice Artist: Noku Katom | Writer: Ané Breytenbach

Type of Cause:
Children and Youth, Community, HIV/Aids, Hunger Relief, Welfare


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Mavis Maneba


076 499 3322





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Milaboni and Mudunungu