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Mdantsane, a large township about 17km from East London, is a sea of people and unsteady shacks. Its citizens have made history and good music, but struggle daily to make ends meet for their families. Crime has, in one way or another, infiltrated the life of nearly every household, and the struggle for service delivery competes with the struggle to find work for the #1 place in the list of things the population of 156,835 worries about most.

Since 1994, Nonzodelelo Day Care Centre has sought to alleviate the heaviness of township living for children under 5. Founder Ntomdenstha Maciwani did not have the means then – nor does she have the means now – to build a brick-and-mortar centre, and so Nonzodelelo’s 47 students gather daily in a large shack.

Between the thin metallic walls, the inescapable harshness of township life is softened for the group of boys and girls in their tiny uniforms, who come here every day to practice the art of being a student. Ntomdenstha, the centre’s only teacher, strives for them to be fully prepared for the formal schooling that lies ahead. This shows in her classroom’s organization as well as the class’s daily routine, which includes creative time (writing, singing, drawing), team-cleaning, and block-playing.

The Day Care goes further than just daily care – Ntomdenstha also reaches out and supports the vulnerable homes of students in need by doing home visits, assessing the family’s needs and doing as much as she can to better their circumstances.

Along with the centre’s child-loving cook and meticulous gardener, Ntomdenstha does what she can to help the community by helping its children. Her biggest dream is to be able to buy or build proper premises for her students. Although the centre receives a R35,000 grant from the Department of Social Development every two months, as well as a small fee from parents, there remains nothing – after paying for food, stationary, toys, and staff – with which to move further to this dream.


Photographer: Shannon Bright from Shanbright Photography | Voice Artist: Mawande Ndywamba | Writer: Anè Breytenbach

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Children and Youth, Development, ECD, Education, Literacy


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