New Generation Women in Mining


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Every life has its ebbs and flows, but in the late nineties, Nomfumaneko Manqana’s life had reached such an ebb that she didn’t know if she would know abundance ever again.

She was a mother to eight children; eight mouths to feed, eight educations to pay for, eight sets of dreams and hopes to try and cater to. Her husband had passed away not long before and she was drowning in financial burdens. She didn’t know for how much longer she would be able to keep her youngest children in school. She herself only had a grade 3 education.

She did have a valuable skill, though. She knew how to make bricks.

She then rallied a few other women in the community with this idea: to make something the entire community needs (bricks), sell it for cheaper than the going rate and make a living while doing it.

Twenty years later, that’s exactly what Nomfunaneko is still doing: making bricks alongside nine other women – one of whom is her daughter, Nomawetu – to help themselves and their community.

They’re struggling these days, though. They need coal to make the oh-so-important-to-brickmaking-fires, but coal is expensive. In a normal business, the prices would be pushed up to make up for what the team loses when they purchase coal, but the fact is that their community can’t afford more than what the New Generation women in Mining are currently asking.


Photographer: Johannes Zvigo from Linc Media Studios | Voice Artist: Noku Katom | Writer: Ané Breytenbach

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Community, Development, Poverty Alleviation, Skills Development


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Nomfumaneko Manqana


073 306 3055





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Eastern Cape


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