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New Beginnings Place of Safety owes its existence to two policemen who, one Friday in 2005, were in a conundrum. They had two babies – twins – whose parents had gotten into a fight that day. Mom was in hospital, dad was in jail, and babies had no caretaker.

When the two policemen pleaded with Babalwa Buso – a resident of Kwanokuthula township in Western Cape – to be a stand-in caretaker for the twins that weekend, she declined at first. She wasn’t well, and had been struggling with asthma for months. She lived alone. She could hardly remember how to take care of little human beings.

They convinced her, and she couldn’t be happier that they did.

Today, Babalwa is mother to 12 of Kwanokuthula’s children who are either orphaned or considered vulnerable enough to be removed from their parents’ care. In her RDP house, the children sleep in cheerfully decorated dorm rooms, and do their homework in a light-filled lounge.

It isn’t much, but to them, it’s everything. It’s home.

Babalwa has two other staff members who help with household tasks, and two volunteers who help with tutoring and play.

With four well-educated children of her own, Babalwa understands the importance of a good education, and it is with pride that she tells that three of her charges attend private schools on scholarships. The other children either attend public school or are home-schooled by a tutor.

Babalwa’s one big dream is to raise enough funds to buy a nearby farm, which will enable the children to learn how to garden and give them space to roam and play. The dream is far off at the moment, as finances are a worry.

New Beginnings receives a grant for five of the children, and even with local sponsors who help with donations of uniforms and food, Babalwa struggles. She welcomes donations both for the daily running of the home and to further her dream of a larger space for the kids.


Photographer: Alfred Lor from Alfred Lor Photography | Voice Artist: Manjomane Mhlongo | Writer: Ané Breytenbach

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Children and Youth, Counselling, Development, Housing, Vulnerable Children, Welfare


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