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Goal: R5,000.00 | Still Needed: R5,000.00 | Total Supporters So Far: 0 | Amount of People in Need: 84

Mount Hope Kindergarten was founded by Hope Moteane – the kindergarten’s namesake – and her mother in 2016. The area: Greenside in North West province, about two hour’s drive from Rustenburg. Hope and her mother moved here when she was very young, which means that though she was not born in Greenside, it feels like home to her.

It is this connection to her adopted home that led Hope to start seeking a solution to the issue of school preparedness – more specifically, a lack thereof – in Greenside’s children. Care was being offered, sure, but was there development in the young minds of those being cared for?

Hope gathered that the answer was no, and so the two began the process of founding Mount Hope Kindergarten, using their own home as premises.

It was slow beginnings; in the first month, they were taking care of a mere two children. But word soon spread of how capable the mother-daughter duo was, and today they have grown to be a team of six that cares for and teaches 84 children aged anywhere from three months to five years.

Hope credits her mother with instilling in her ferocious care for children, who are, she believes, our biggest hope for a brighter future. Her mother’s Sunday-school-teacher background is evident in both the values that Mount Hope introduces to their students and the Bible verses lovingly painted on the playground’s walls.

The kindergarten receives no funding from the government, which is worrying especially because a growing number of parents are unable to afford the school fees that enable Mount Hope to function.

‘We cannot tell them to not come anymore,’ Hope explains gravely. ‘We see the difference it makes for them.’

Hope and her mother dream of one day being able to eschew fees altogether, but for now, they are mostly concerned with bridging the gap caused by these unpaid fees and welcome any assistance.


Photographer: Jadene Brider from Le Jadene Photo & Video Studio | Voice Artist: Manjomane Mhlongo | Writer: Ané Breytenbach

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