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Goal: R5,000.00 | Still Needed: R4,700.00 | Total Supporters So Far: 5 | Amount of People in Need: 4,000

Mitchell’s Plain Network Opposing Abuse Project was founded in 1996 after a University of Cape Town student chose the area for her master’s research. The subject was domestic abuse, and her findings made clear what many in Mitchell’s Plain already knew to be true: domestic violence was a silently growing dragon gnawing at the foundations of their homes.

The project’s purpose? To uplift and support victims of crime, abuse, and trauma in Mitchell’s Plain. To walk the walk with them, as Operational Manager Mareldea Sonday likes to say.

Starting out as self-confessed squatters – using a storeroom as headquarters – the project has expanded far beyond the imagination of any of those involved in its founding. With 4 offices across Mitchell’s Plain, 6 permanent staff members and 16 volunteers, the team reminds Mitchell’s Plain’s vulnerable citizens that they are worthy of care, no matter the amount of trauma they have endured.

The project is made up of several smaller projects, including (but not limited to) court support for victims who need to apply for court orders, counselling by an on-site social worker, ongoing support groups, skills development groups, and awareness campaigns.

Though the project itself isn’t currently able to provide shelter to victims, they have strong relationships with organizations in the area that does, and through them, many victims of unthinkable trauma find safe havens in which to recover.

In Beacon Hill – the third most crime-ridden area in Mitchell’s Plain – the project is absolutely essential to many residents, and although they started out focusing on only women and children, they have expanded to include men as well. “We focus on helping the whole family,” Mareldea says.

A monthly government grant assists the Project with their expenses, but additional assistance is required for them to be able to help all those in Mitchell’s Plain who require it.


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Abuse Victims, Community, Counselling, Skills Development, Vulnerable Children


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