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Goal: R5,000.00 | Still Needed: R5,000.00 | Total Supporters So Far: 0 | Amount of People in Need: 46

Makgato Crèche was established in 2015. For the children of a certain corner of Ga-Makgato – a rural Limpopo Village, its establishment was a blessing. Before Makgato Crèche, this particular section of the village was without a crèche of any kind, and although there were crèches not too far, they were blocked by rivers…

So, Maria Mapula Mailula opened one – a crèche that is – and named it after the village she loves.

At the crèche, Makgato’s team of four caretakers do their very best to develop their 46 beneficiaries by teaching them numbers, letters, and life skills. For many of these children, their school community is their only source of a healthy family-like unit, as child abuse and teenage pregnancy run rampant in the poverty-stricken village.

Accordingly, in addition to physical and intellectual development, Maria and her team offer love and attention, knowing that it isn’t a given for their beneficiaries to receive it at home.

Makgato Crèche receives a quarterly grant from the Department of Social Development, in addition to a R120 monthly fee from parents, but the team continues to struggle. Their building was provided by the local municipality, but while they are grateful for its size, it is in need of renovation.

For that, as well as stationary, toys, and furniture, there is never quite enough money in the budget.


Photographer: Steven Maluks from Go Cloud Way Photography | Voice Artist: Noku Katom | Writer: Ané Breytenbach

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Babies, Children and Youth, Development, ECD, Education, Literacy


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