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Danny Diliberto was standing in Cape Town CBD one afternoon holding a few containers of soup. The why of him being there wasn’t as important as what happened next. He spied a homeless man who was walking around frantically, wrapped in a dirty duvet. He was erratic and shouting. Danny approached him with the soup, and as he placed it into those tired, hungry hands, the man became serene.

Not because Danny is a saviour or a magician, but because he saw the man for what he was – a human being, temporarily lost – and showed it.

Out of that experience, Ladles of Love Foundation was born. What do they do? They cook and hand out 2,000 meals a week to the homeless people and hungry schoolchildren in the City Bowl. Why do they do it? Because Danny believes in the healing power of seva; of giving without wanting anything in return.

Danny and his team run three soup kitchens a week – Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The day before one of the soup kitchen days, they will begin simmering fragrant soups in pots almost too large to comprehend. On the days themselves, Danny is joined by volunteers from all over Cape Town who do everything from slicing bread to going around with a bucket of warm water so that the kitchen’s guests can wash their hands before tucking in.

The Munch Club, a sister project, is Danny’s way of making a dent in the number of children who go to school on empty stomachs. At the moment, Danny delivers hundreds of kilograms of produce to two Cape Town schools (and prepared soup to a third) every week

A sentence from a documentary stuck in Danny’s head years ago, and he quotes it when asked about how Ladles of Love Foundation does all that it does. “When you perform seva, in its true essence, the more responsibility you take on, the bigger your shoulders become to allow you to carry it.”

Ladles of Love receive no regular funding and functions through the team’s tireless fundraising efforts. Recently, they have been gifted a kitchen of their own – after having been allowed to use the CBD Doppio Zero’s kitchen since Ladles of Love Foundation’ conception. This, however, brings with it a new set of expenses – such as electricity and gas – with which Danny welcomes assistance.

Another increasingly pressing need is of a big vehicle for transporting produce and soup across the city. “If anyone asked me what we need right now, it’d be a bakkie,” Danny says, and looking at the giant vats of soup and crates of veggies crammed into the back of his car, you can see why.


Photographer: Donovan Hanslo from HANSLO PHOTOGRAPHY | Voice Artist: Usisipho Ngxubaza | Writer: Ané Breytenbach

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Children and Youth, Community, Hunger Relief, Welfare


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