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There are lots of people doing great things all over the Western Cape, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive upliftment program in Langa than Just Grace.

Established in 2012, Just Grace exists because its founders – a group of volunteers from all over the Western Cape – had long been suspecting that honing in on one particular area would be more fruitful than dividing their energies.

They were right.

Today, the Just Grace team comprises of 8 staff members and many volunteers spread over three spaces in Langa – St. Francis Centre, Langa High School, and Ikamvalethu Secondary School. These spaces burst with potential made manifest, which is one of the team’s biggest aims.

Not to plant knowledge and motivation where before there was none, but to remove the barriers that have been built by a long and complicated history.

In practical terms this manifests as an array of projects and initiatives. Three of these stand out: The Youth Development Programme, which supports students through high school with holistic support; Community Development and Family Strengthening, which provides practical support to all Langa residents who seek to become empowered citizens; and their School Strengthening Programme, which sees the team working closely with all five of Langa’s high schools to strengthen and equip them.

It’s hard to put a number on the number of lives that have been enriched by Just Grace, but suffice it to say that they boast of being the generators of 104,802 smiles so far. On average, co-founder Grant Edmond estimates that the various initiatives benefit about 300 Langa residents per week.

The team has no regular funding and continues to exist through their various fundraising projects. Though they don’t plan to ever abandon their Langa projects, Just Grace’s dream has always been to create a model which could be used anywhere and might one day transform the country.


Photographer: Donovan Hanslo from Hanslo Photography | Voice Artist: Sihle Dolophini | Writer: Ané Breytenbach

Type of Cause:
Children and Youth, Community, Counselling, Development, Education, Skills Development