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Growing up, when Angela Dlamini and her siblings spoke any language except English at home they would suffer the wrath of their grandmother who believed English to be the key to a big and beautiful future. She was a wise woman and it is entirely to her credit that Angela speaks English with the ease of a mother tongue speaker today.

After having run a Pre-School in Middleburg for over ten years, Angela relocated to Masibekela, a rural Mpumalanga village, where a giant shock awaited her.

Although she knows her standard of English to be high, she was appalled to experience the dire state of English literacy amongst Masibekela’s youth. To her, the connection was clear: though it isn’t ideal, the fact is that English is the lingua franca of South Africa, and without it, students are at a great disadvantage.

In 2013, Angela combined her knowledge of Pre-School education and her passion for English and formed Jack and Jill Pre-School. At first, it was more of a small gathering of toddlers in her living room, but soon, the number of children grew to nearly fifty.

“The kids are my advertising,” Angela will tell you. “Parents hear how their kids’ English improve and tell their friends.”

Though they focus on English, the team of 6 take great care in developing their 46 students holistically – that is to say, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Angela’s day begins at 4 in the morning when she starts cooking a nutritional breakfast for her students, who begin to arrive after 6. Their daily routine is full of love and learning, all to the backdrop of the English Alphabet depicted on the walls.

Currently, most children leave for home at around 1 in the afternoon, and Angela explains that this is largely due to the school not having a playground yet. Though she has built classroom facilities on her large yard, things like swings and jungle gyms are luxuries which have been put on the backburner.

This, along with proper toilets, is what Angela would begin constructing if she were financially able, which currently she is not. The R300 monthly fee that parents pay aren’t enough for her to pay her staff properly, or herself at all, making swings and running toilets a dream of a distant future.


Photographer: Hlekwa Thulani from Tshulani Photography | Voice Artist: Sihle Dolophini | Writer: Ané Breytenbach

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