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Though High on Life Addicts is a fairly young organization, its aim is timeless: making reality bearable for those who are tempted to escape it by means of dangerous substances.

The organization’s founder, Elsie Makhubo, established it because of the growing issue of alcohol and drug abuse in Enzenzeleni, a township in Warden, Free State. Warden’s infrastructure is poor and so are its residents, with those in Enzenzeleni struggling the most.

Most children in the township live with relatives instead of with parents, because often their parents are still children themselves. The escape offered by alcohol and street drugs has led to an alarming increase in crime and high school drop-out rates. Girls as young as thirteen fall pregnant.

From her little office in the Enzenzeleni Community Centre, Elsie acts as a mother figure to all those who require it. Her typical days are studded by meetings with young adults who she believes are at risk. Together with the person in question’s parents, Elsie and her team work to rehabilitate them through love, care, and the sharing of knowledge.

The team of 6 also goes around to the schools in Warden in an attempt to create awareness of the ravaging effects of the drugs that might seem so alluring to students. By showing the area’s young adults the eventual result of choices that may look appealing now but will ultimately prove detrimental, they affect – at the very least – a hesitation on the part of the potential substance abuser.

Elsie and her team don’t receive any funding, and cover all expenses themselves. Their dream is to be financially capable of ensuring the full rehabilitation of all Enzenzeleni residents who are enslaved to addictive substances.


Photographer: Thokozani Khumalo from The Eye Photography SA | Voice Artist: Usisipho Ngxubaza | Writer: Ané Breytenbach

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Children and Youth, Community, Counselling, Health, Vulnerable Children