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Goal: R5,000.00 | Still Needed: R5,000.00 | Total Supporters So Far: 0 | Amount of People in Need: 35

Gaopaleloe means ‘with God, everything is possible”. For Mothulung location in North West, Lesela Madumo is the human being making things possible in the midst of impossible circumstances.

Lesela has loved children her entire life, which explains why so many Mothulung children have always flocked to her front door whenever they were hungry and in need of support. These instances became so prevalent, that in 2016 Lesela visited the local school in search of a reason.

Why were these children so hungry?

Because they were often abandoned, the answer came. Many of them were living in shacks by themselves or with their siblings. Many were abused and severely neglected.

Her visit to the school sealed, as it were, the deal. Lesela decided to open her home fully to the children who needed safety, guidance, and food.

Today, Lesela cooks breakfast for 35 of the location’s vulnerable children before they head to school. When they are finished there, they make their way back to her home for homework guidance and finally, a late lunch.

Two of these 35 have no homes to go back to and stay with Lesela until social workers can find permanent homes for them.

She has big dreams for the children who traverse the rooms of her home daily, and it is with their futures in mind that she has instituted a language rule: Mondays we speak Tswana, Tuesdays we speak English, Wednesdays we speak Afrikaans.

Lesela hasn’t received any funding since she embarked upon her project. Certain stores in the vicinity help by donating food when they can, but as things stand, Lesela purchases about R1,500 worth of groceries every month to keep the children fed.

She dreams of opening a home for all Mothulung’s downtrodden, neglected, and abused – whether they be young or old.


Photographer: Japie Thato Pelle from JT Productions | Voice Artist: Sisipho Mbopa | Writer: Ané Breytenbach

Type of Cause:
Children and Youth, Development, Education, Hunger Relief, Vulnerable Children, Welfare