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Goal: R5,000.00 | Still Needed: R5,000.00 | Total Supporters So Far: 0 | Amount of People in Need: 70

Tshiawelo, a suburb in Soweto’s name means “Place of Rest,” but for its residents, this is no resting place. More than half of the population is not employed, which inevitably means a high crime rate, and for those that are employed, it means working long hours trying to survive.

As with so many other areas, it is the children who suffer the most from these circumstances. If they are lucky enough to have parents that go to work, they are often left at home to fend for themselves. This, of course, makes them vulnerable to those who prey on the defenceless, those who see children as an easy target for theft, sexual abuse and even trafficking.

Charles Day Care Centre was founded in 2014 by Stella Makhongele as a safe place for children to go to while their parents work. Their mission is to create a solid foundation that will prepare the children for higher education, an escape from the circumstances they find themselves currently living in.

Stella, together with her team of 4, currently look after 70 children aged 1 to 5 years old, helping them to become school ready as well as providing them with much needed nutritional support. Here, the children are safeguarded against the dangers of the streets. Here, the children can rest, knowing that they are protected, developed and loved.

Although the centre receives support from the Department of Social Development as well as fees from parents, the price of food and other basic necessities such as mattresses and chairs means that finances remain one of their biggest struggles.


Photographer: Leora Hart from Leora Hart Photography | Voice Artist: Noku Katom | Writer: Eugene du Plessis

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Children and Youth, ECD, Education


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Stella Makhongele


078 816 0008 / 083 543 6534 / 078 415 9203





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