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The tiny village of Gedroogte in Limpopo province houses a happy but poverty-stricken community. A lack of job opportunities – due to the village’s rural location – leaves the adult population with two options: travel to neighbouring villages or faraway towns for work, or have no work.

Gedroogte has a mixture of both of these choices, which isn’t great for the futures of their young ones. Refiloe Huma, founder and principle of Bohlalehlale Day Care, sought to do better for Gedroogte’s youngest when she opened her day-care in 2016.

In the beginning, Refiloe rented a space to serve as a centre for the few children she had back then, but the team was soon evicted without reason by the owner of the property. Soon after, Refiloe made an agreement with the owner of a different property who was looking to sell it for R15,000: she would find a way to pay him R1,500 per month for ten months and eventually own the building.

She managed this, and that building still serves as Bohlalehlale’s premises. It isn’t much, Refiloe will tell you, but it’s theirs.

Most of the 12 children currently at the day-care would have no place else to go if it weren’t for Refiloe and Bohlalehlale’s 2 other teachers. Their parents travel far to work and are gone for most of the day, and even when there are grandparents to help, these often have to forage for things like firewood in the fields during the day, rendering them incapable of properly caring for their grandchildren.

Through a mixture of play and learning, the team hopes to foster ambition and a sense of worthiness in there students, so that they might go on and become the kind of adults that will transform the area from being extremely poor (and essentially ignored by the government) into a successful economy.

Bohlalehlale struggles immensely financially. With no government support – apart from an occasional community worker teacher that gets sent over – the team relies entirely on what the parents can give them, which varies every month, but comes to around R1,400 p/m on average.

Refiloe dreams of making the building a jollier, happier one, and constructing some sort of a playground outside for the young ones.


Photographer: Phuthego Madisha from Phuthego Photography | Voice Artist: Esona Mangcaka | Writer: Ané Breytenbach

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Children and Youth, Development, Education, Literacy


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