What is Crowdfunding 4 Change

As one of the Take My Hand initiatives, Crowdfunding 4 Change is a Platform for individuals and businesses to have a meaningful impact on the lives of ordinary South Africans who are trying to make a difference in their communities every day.

We incorporate audio/visual material in order to effectively raise awareness about our beneficiaries with regards to with what they aim to achieve, what the surrounding community is like and what their current financial situation is.

We focus on organizations and individuals that do not necessarily have the resources or the skills to acquire funding and thus struggle to provide their beneficiaries with all of the support that they so desperately need.

Together with your support, we can truly make an impact that is tangible and lasting.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to help our beneficiaries from donating funds to volunteering. For any assistance other than monetary donations, please contact the beneficiary directly through the details tab on their profile page.